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Looking after your jewellery:

To preserve the shine of your jewellery, Atelier Leroy Création recommends that you clean them regularly. Brush them delicately in hot water , adding some washing up liquid, then rinse them with warm water and dry them with a soft cloth. For fragile stones, like emeralds and opals, you can wipe them with a soft cloth. If they are damaged I recommend that you ask me to do it for you.

Before wearing your jewellery, check that the clasp is working correctly, that the stones aren't moving and that the claws that hold the stones in place aren't worn away. If you notice any abnormality, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Caring for jewellery containing pearls:

Looking after pearl jewellery must be meticulous and delicate. In effect, a pearl is a living material that is very fragile, that easily becomes damaged if in contact with chemicals. It's for this reason that one should never wear pearl jewellery after having used your cosmetic products. When you take them off wipe them with a soft cloth. If the pearls are at all damaged I recommend that you bring them to me. In addition, if you wear them regularly, I would recommend re-stringing them every year.


Storing your jewellery:

Preserve your jewellery in its box when you are not wearing them. To protect them from marking each other, think about protecting each item individually. Keep your bracelets and necklaces in their boxes, lying flat.

Finally, pearl jewellery mustn't be kept in cotton or wool to avoid the risk of them drying out. To keep the brightness of your pearls, wear them regularly.



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